NYU Florence

Henry Clarke
Chronology Reporter
Henry Clarke is a sophomore at the University of Chicago studying Political Science. He is interested in political communication and campaign messaging as well as examining the differences between the European parliamentary and American presidential systems of government.

Nidia Corona-Gonzalez
 Immigration Reporter
Nidia Corona-Gonzalez is a sophomore majoring in Social and Cultural Analysis with a minor in Law and Society. She plans on going to law school and becoming and immigration attorney. She is very passionate about the rights of immigrants and is especially interested in reforming and eliminating immigrant detention centers.

Antonio Kieschnick
Chronology Reporter
Antonio Kieschnick is a freshman at New York University in the Liberal Studies program. He intends to major in Politics and History with a minor in Economics. Antonio’s interests include contemporary hip-hop, film and post-colonial fiction. He is also currently an intern with NYU Florence’s La Pietra Dialogues. Having been born in Taiwan with an American father and Spanish mother, Antonio also speaks Chinese and Spanish.

Erin Oh
Supreme Court Reporter
Erin Oh is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Science pursuing a major in Politics and concentrating on foreign policy, American politics, and law. She was born and raised in southern California, but she became involved in politics in New York where she interned for NYC Council Member Benjamin Kallos and once watched Mayor de Blasio sign a bill. In her spare time, Erin enjoys hiking, visiting museums, and being productive in coffee shops.

Jordan Smith
Trans Rights Reporter
Jordan Smith is currently a junior at the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University studying Applying Artistic Imagination to Radical Political and Social Change. They are involved in activism both on-campus and off-campus and are passionate about gender equality, LGBTQ rights, black liberation, and criminal justice reform. They enjoy research, writing, reading, and creating and studying art. Jordan uses the pronouns they/their/themselves or she/her/herself.

Lukas Villarin
Chronology Reporter
Lukas Villarin is a freshman with NYU Florence interested in majoring in Marketing. Lukas is a Filipino-American writer in the midst of his first novel, and his passions include 20th century history, as well as photography, archery, music, and bouldering. His favorite book is Fahrenheit 451, but only until he finds another to read.

NYU London

Walker Curtis
Economic Reporter

Sarah Robertson

Brennan R O’Rourke
LGBTQIA+ Community and Labor Rights Reporter

Autumn Tara Samuels
Administration Reporter
Autumn Samuels is a freshman in the Liberal Studies Core program at NYU London. She is interested in transitioning into the Steinhardt Media, Culture, and Communications program at NYU. Although, originally from NJ, the city is her second home. At NYU London, she serves on the Diversity and Inclusion team, in addition to volunteering at a London charter school. However, in her free time, there is nothing more that she likes to do more than travel and see the world. In the past two semesters, she has explored eight countries and is still counting.

Amanda Tiew
Women’s Rights and Reproductive Rights Reporter

Ines Yildiz

NYU Washington DC

Helen You
Student Lead Reporter, Washington DC
Helen You is currently a sophomore at NYU Liberal Studies and is planning on transitioning into the College of Arts and Science to pursue a BA in International Relations with a minor in Philosophy. Her interest in foreign affairs and humanitarian issues was fostered during her first year away in Florence, Italy where she spent the year studying geopolitics in the context of the refugee crisis and climate change. After graduation, Helen plans on joining the Peace Corps to assist in youth development and education in underprivileged countries. She hopes to attend law school to obtain her J.D. and L.L.M. to work on foreign affairs at the State Department as a diplomat to address U.S. relations in Europe.

Daniella Azoulay

Daniel Pereira Freitas

Temima Granek

Manpreet Kaur

Aroosa Khokher

Lana Kugli

Emilio Madrazo
Immigration Reporter
Emilio Madrazo is a freshman in Liberal Studies studying to major in Mathematics and minor in Philosophy. He is active in his community, as both the secretary of sustainability in the student government and an organizer of marches in DC. He is a passionate student that simply wants to help the world be a more understanding place for everyone.

Chloe Miren Aimee Mauvais

Ahmed Meshref

Miranda Murillo

Maria Navarro
Immigration Reporter
Maria Navarro is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Science studying politics and philosophy. Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, she became interested in politics when she saw its potential to provide institutional change in the way the government is responsive to low-income, immigrant communities like the one she calls home. Maria has worked for campaigns, academics, and think tanks focusing on civil participation, as well as money in politics and government transparency. Additionally, she was a member of the committee responsible for organizing NYU’s annual Public Policy Symposium. A DC Global Leadership Scholar, Maria plans to attend graduate school and law school after graduation. Maria can be found with a coffee in hand at all times, preferably relaxing somewhere with a nice view.

Eric Pons

Miren Aguirre Salazar

Diego Sandoval

Salman Sarwar

Maggie May West

Alvaro Yanez

Mark Yokoyama
Climate Change Reporter
Mark “Keiga” Yokoyama is a nuclear evacuee from Fukushima, Japan. With a background in toxicology and pedology, he is impassioned on the intersection between environment, energy, and economics. He founded his first company as a freshman in NYU Washington, DC, and is currently the Co-Chairman of an international sustainability summit to be held in Croatia this summer. As an elected Secretary of Advocacy for NYUDC’s Hall Congress (Fall, ’16), he now serves on the DC Dialogues Executive Board as its Technical Manager to improve Student Life in DC.

Xuchen Zhang